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Evaluation of the COMISEF Wiki

This evaluation site gives members an opportunity to interact and comment on the structure and content type of the Wiki. The Wiki as it is shows a possible Wiki topic structure in its entirety. It is very important that we get this right from the beginning: once content starts to be added to the Wiki, it will be difficult to restructure. At the top of each topic tree is a brief few lines describing the kind of content that it is expected to be added to it.

We have provided full examples for each of the content types we have devised. Hopefully this will give a clear idea of what we envisage for the Wiki.

What to do next?

First and foremost we want members to navigate the entire site, have a good look at how it is structured, and then offer their opinions/comments on the Wiki.

A test area are where members can play with features of the Wiki and add comments can be found here: COMISEF Wiki Requirements

(Alternately, click on the COMISEF Wiki Requirements option on the side bar.)

An example of an Article can be found here: Article Example

An example of a Case Study can be found here:

An example of a Tutorial can be seen here: Tutorial Example

An example of a Tip can be found here: Tip Example

An example of Programming (Tutorial) can be found here: Programming Example

A guide for using Wikidot can be found here: Wikidot community page.

What's going on at present?

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Road to the full COMISEF Wiki

The COMISEF evaluation Wiki site should be up and running in time for the Rome conference. There will be several weeks for members to evaluate the site, after which, work will begin in earnest in structuring the final Wiki based on comments supplied by members. Once this has been completed, migration to the final Wiki site will take place. This should be finished by October 2008, so that the Wiki can be presented at the tutorial in Rauischholzhausen.

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