A Naïve Study of DE Efficiency under C and Matlab


Jin Zhang1


Differential Evolution, Peak Function, C++, Matlab

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This study aims at comparing computational efficiency of Differential Evolution under C++ and Matlab platform in finding the maximum point of a modified peak function.

1. Implementation

The C++ code (http://comisef.wikidot.com/local--files/cpp/DE_ALG(1).exe) uses the 'for' loop to implement population evolution, i.e. crossover and mutation. The Matlab code employs vectorization to do the work.

2. Results

The modified peak function has a shape as shown in the following picture.


The DE settings, elitist updates and executed time under Win32 with C++ are reported in the next two figures.


The Matlab outcome using the same settings is shown in the next figure.


After converting the Matlab m function to exe function, the results are shown in the next figure. No significant improvement in executed time is found.


3. Conclusions

C++ provides a more efficient environment than Matlab in the above optimization problem while using the same DE parameter settings.

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