Programming Tools
This page contains links to several programming languages covering a range of software topics.
There is also a link dedicated to general software engineering topics.

Programming issues cover the following categories:

  • Implementation Solutions - these are code implementation examples for solving a particular problem.
  • Libraries - this is a broad description of implementation details of a library, library function descriptions, and resource location.
  • Applications - this is a description of a stand alone application developed within the network, including its resource locator.
  • Tutorials - typically this will be instructions on how to install and run 3rd party software.

In the former case, the focus is communicating interesting features of an application. In the latter case, the focuses is on providing implementations to problems encountered, including improvements to existing code.

Software engineering issues cover the following categories:

  • Testing - this is a guide on common software test strategies with examples.
  • Project management - these are tools and guides for management of collaborative research projects.


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Software Engineering

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