Mattheos Protopapas

University of Rome “La Sapienza”



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Research Interests / Background:

Matthew Protopapas was born in Crete, Greece. He graduated in Economics from University of Crete and acquired a M.Sc. in Operations Research from Technical University of Crete. He has been a Ph.D. candidate in the same university since April of 2005.

He had been working in European Research projects since 2003, when he was a postgraduate student. He worked as a member of the team of the “Laboratory of Dynamic Systems and Simulation” of Technical University of Crete in SMARTNETS, EURAMP and COOPERS projects, which regarded research in Traffic Management, developing software for the design of traffic networks and analysis of traffic data.

He has been an Early Stage Researcher in COMISEF (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) since June of 2007. His research involves application of heuristic algorithms (Genetic Algorithms, Threshold Accepting etc.) on Time Series Analysis (outlier detection, STAR models).


• Cucina D., di Salvatore A., Protopapas M. : Metaheuristics for Outlier Detection in multi-variable Time Series. University of Rome “La Sapienza” Working Paper.
• Cucina D., di Salvatore A., Protopapas M. (2008): Metaheuristic Methods for Outlier Detection. Posted at ANSET SER 2008 Conference, Venice.
• Protopapas M., Kosmatopoulos E. (2007): “Simulation and Use of Heuristics for Peripheral Economic Policy”. Proceedings of MACROMODELS 2007, to appear.
• Protopapas M., Kosmatopoulos E.: “Two genetic algorithms yielding Nash Equilibrium in Symmetric Cournot Games”. Technical University of Crete Working Paper.
• Protopapas M.: “Determination of sequential best replies in n-player games by Genetic Algorithms”. WPS-02, COMISEF Working Paper Series.
• Papageorgiou, M., Kosmatopoulos, E., Protopapas, M., Papamichail, I..: Effects of Variable Speed Limits (VSL) on Motorway Traffic: Results Obtained from M42 Data. DSSL Technical University of Crete Internal Report No. 2006-25.
• Protopapas M., Kosmatopoulos E. (2005): Ευρετικοί αλγόριθμοι βελτιστοποίησης για τον προσδιορισμό βέλτιστης περιφερειακής οικονομικής πολιτικής. Masters Thesis, Library of Technical University of Crete.

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