Jin Zhang


Jin Zhang


University of Essex

Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, United Kingdom.

Contact Details:

ku.ca.xesse|fgnahzj#ku.ca.xesse|fgnahzj; moc.liamtoh|ncgnahznij#moc.liamtoh|ncgnahznij(MSN)



Bachelor in Engineering, BUPT, China

Master of Financial Mathematics, UOW, Australia

Master of Science (Research) in Mathematics, UOW, Australia

Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Finance, University of Essex, UK

Research interests:

Numerical Approaches, Heuristic Optimisation Method, Econometrics, Portfolio and Risk Management, Financial Derivative pricing, and Computer Telecommunication


Journal Articles:

* Jin Zhang and Dietmar Maringer, Distributing Weights under Hierarchical Clustering: A Way in Reducing Performance Breakdown, Expert Systems With Applications, Vol. 38, pp. 14952–14959, 2011.

* Jin Zhang and Dietmar Maringer, Selecting Pair-Copulas with Downside Risk Minimization, International Journal of Financial Markets and Derivatives, Vol. 2, pp. 121-148, 2011.

* Songping Zhu and Jin Zhang, A New Predictor–Corrector Scheme for Valuing American Puts, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 217, pp. 4439-4452, 2011.

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