Dmitri Blueschke

Institution: University of Klagenfurt


Role: Researcher


Research Interests / Background:

Dmitri Bl├╝schke was born in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan. In 1998 he moved to Germany where he graduated in economics at the University of Bielefeld. During his study Dmitri worked as a research assistant in a DFG-project on Chair of Statistics and Econometrics where he co-developed a new test on cointegration rank using Subsampling method.
Since 2007 Dmitri is a research assistant and a Ph.D.-candidate at the Klagenfurt University in Austria. Currently he is working on dynamic tracking games. In such games the players have influence on certain (control) variables, e.g. European Union where every government decides on own budgetary policy. Actually, this is a combination of solving a dynamic game and choosing an optimal policy depending on given target objectives. His work is not only development of theoretical background, but also implementation of an appropriate software and application to real (macro) economic models.

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