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Contacting Authors

If you have any enquries/questions/comments regarding content which has an named Author, please contact the Author directly.

(At the top of the page for some content the Author name is given. Author here means they have created the content and are responsible for that content thereafter. In reality the content would usually be a condensed version of a paper, which may have several co-authors.)

You can get an Author's contact details by clicking on their name, which is a link that takes you to their profile page.

Please contact them by email in the first instance.

It helps if you make it quite clear in the subject text-box of the email that you are contacting the Author with regard to their content on the Wiki.

Contacting COMISEF Wiki Admin

For general enquiries on the Wiki, please contact,


We aim to reply to any emails by 3 working days. As mentioned peviously, please make it clear in the email subject text-box that you are making a general enquiry about the Wiki.

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