Chris Sharpe



Christopher Sharpe


Justus Liebig Universität, Gießen, Germany

Contact Details:

email: ed.nesseig-inu.tfahcstriw|eprahS.sirhC#ed.nesseig-inu.tfahcstriw|eprahS.sirhC
university home page: My page on the University site.



MSc Robotics and Embedded Systems, University of Essex.

My work history includes:

QA for Apama/Progress in Cambridge, who are a market leader in developing platforms for algorithmic trading.

Teaching assistant at Essex University and researcher for the Intelligent Inhabited Envrionments Group.

Embedded Systems programmer for an engineering firm in Essex.

Teacher for A/AS/AVCE Computing and Computer Science at a secondary school in Newbury.

Research interests:

Experimental Design - In general heuristics are involved in constructing and optimising a given design matrix construction. Particular applications include uniform design and pseudo random numbers, and experiments on the design discrepancy types (shapes) of regions of interest within a design space. Other issues of interest are finding ways and means through computer implementation trickery pokery to improve on the calculations for the objective function.

Developing Heuristic Techniques - Investigation into the application of Robotic Navigation techniques to Heuristics.

Main Computer Languages:

Matlab, C, Java, Python

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